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Hello, my name is Mark Law, and I want you to drink better wine.

I understand how intimidating wine can be. Over many years working as a wine consultant I have had conversations with thousands of people who were just beginning to explore wine. To most of them, wine seemed like a magic substance shrouded in mystery.

Wine can be magical, but it doesn't need to be mysterious. With a few well-placed questions I will show you exactly what you need to look for.

No classrooms, no exams. Just relevant and personalised advice, delivered within 24 hours.

Your Personal Wine Consultation Will Include:

  • Varietals

    Know exactly which varietals will best suit your palate

  • Regions

    Find out which regions produce the wines best suited to your tastes

  • Key Terms

    Understand the language behind different styles of wine to find what is best for you

  • Food and Wine

    The key principles to be aware of for pairing food with wine

  • Temperature

    A detailed explanation on this simple method to vary your wine experience

  • Faults

    The most pervasive wine faults and how to identify them

  • Discovery

    A personalised list of resources to further expand your wine knowledge to explore at your leisure

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I believe I was the perfect demographic for this service. It was very informative and it has truly sparked my interest in what wine I would truly enjoy. I plan on purchasing new brands of wine just from the service.

Joe F, New York, USA

I did not think it was possible to obtain an evaluation as detailed, from information that I have given. I think your report is correct because you indicate some tastes that I actually love. I copied your report in my phone to have your information on hand the next time I go to the restaurant.

Christophe E, Paris, France

My relationship with wine has always been a love-hate experience. On one hand I delight in having a wine I truly enjoy. On the other hand, I’m just totally confused by the byzantine terminology and contradictory advice I get. There were numerous glasses of truly bad wine that I’ve quaffed, just hoping that luck and shelling out more money would ensure a good experience. Friends recommendations often failed me. Wine shop workers sagely advice disappointed.

Then I met Mark. He told me why thinking about wine in terms of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ was an overall, bad idea. It made sense that taking advice from someone who say, loved the tang of blueberries and the aroma of cigar smoke, was a bad move, if what I truly liked were brandied cherries and chestnuts. Curiously I discovered that the most reliable way to appreciate wine was to simply map out what I like and start drinking more of that.

Getting a wine profile done with Mark from Rational Wine, has been a real surprise. Its made me aware of all the flavours that I really relish. Its taken away the anxiety that I’m ‘not doing it right’ according to some imaginary gold standard. I go to a wine shop knowing exactly what I feel like on a given day. Funnily enough I’m even trying out new varietals and styles, now that my curiosity has been stoked. With wine it seems the journey is as important as the destination.

The Rational Wine blog is packed full of useful information and I’m discovering a lot of other great blogs on the web to help guide me through this delicious and fun journey.

- Eugene D, Sydney, Australia
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Just $80 AUD

Hundreds of dollars could be spent on wine dinners and you may not come closer to understanding your tastes and preferences.

Or you could spend thousands on courses over many months, with a final exam hovering over your head.

A Personal Wine Consultation will have none of these pressures. Everything you need to know within 24 hours, guaranteed.

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